Introducing the 4 Week Slay Program

Introducing the 4 Week Slay Program

We're excited to introduce the 4 Week Slay Program!

We've done the hard work for you so you thinking about what to eat for the next month is sorted. Think delicious, nutritious and good for you!

Our four-week journey to wellness includes one mini-meal per day, an Eimele shake or porridge plus delicious and healthy recipes created by a team of nutritionists, such as spiced chickpea cakes, low carb zucchini fritters as well as comprehensive meal plans and suggested shopping lists, which provide you with all the necessary tools to ensure your diet is nutritionally optimised and you feel energised and ready to take on Spring. 

Not only do we have the food covered but we've also created exercise guides and work-out videos to help you feeling refreshed and energised. We’ve teamed up with trainer, fitness expert and founder of The Upbeat, Libby Babet to deliver powerful and fun workouts as well as provide her expert advice. 

You'll also get mindfulness, sleep and nutrition tips every week to reach your wellbeing goals and a healthier lifestyle overall. 

And to ensure you feel supported throughout your journey we have a dedicated Facebook Support Group on hand, plus group access to exclusive members offers and rewards including early access to new product launches. 

As a bonus, we’ve also thrown in exclusive access to competitions and prizes. 

Start your wellness journey today and sign up for the 4-Week Slay now. 

Are you in? Let's do this

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PS: Hurry up, we have only 104 places left!