5 Meditation Tips For Beginners

5 Meditation Tips For Beginners

Kirsten Scott, an accredited Yoga teacher, Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, gives you her 5 top tips for those wanting to learn how to meditate. 

I started meditating over 5 years ago and over time, meditation turned into something that is now a staple in my life and it has given me the ability to enjoy life more, to really notice the little things and to find space for myself every day. It allows me to connect with myself on a deeper level. The science of meditation and what it does to your mind is pretty outstanding. Here’s how to find your calm.


  1. Use music

Meditating to silence is hard as a beginner, as you’re prone to distraction. Use your favourite chill track, with minimal vocals to help keep you focused. Music also has a direct effect on your emotions, so you can choose music to help you feel awesome and inspired for your day.


  1. Start small

You don’t have to be in a lotus position being zen for hours on end to experience the benefits of meditation. Create consistency and start with a small goal such as 5 minutes a day, increasing by a minute each week until you get to 10 minutes. Use an app to help you develop consistency such as Strides, which sends you daily reminders to do the things that you’re trying to create habits for.


  1. Understand its purpose

There are different types of meditation depending on the purpose or effect you’re looking for. Mindfulness of breath is great if you’re looking to practice focus and concentration, whereas body scanning is great for regulating emotions. Relaxation meditations are great to fall asleep to, and visualization meditations for manifesting.


  1. Don’t judge

There’s no golden standard or destination that you should be seeking from your meditation practice, so let go of expectations of ‘doing it right’. Meditation is simply time that you are carving out to check in with yourself.


  1. Experiment

Finding the right type of meditation practice for you takes time and patience. Try apps such as Headspace, Calm, and Buddify, check out your local yoga and meditation schools for classes, or try a retreat.

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