A New Way To Nourish

Mindset and Wellbeing Coach Samantha Flook shares a new way to nourish.

The only constant in life is change. The way we may have done things for a long time isn’t the way they always have to be, after all we learn from the past and make profound steps from this information to create a more inspired and modernly suited one, a way of living that is more aligned to total nourishment. Right now as you are reading this we are shaping a new way towards what it means to nourish ourselves. We are ditching the diet mindset and are stepping into a wholesome, nourishing way of viewing every area of our lives, even beyond our food. I believe nourishment goes beyond eating well. It looks at the intention of why we connect to and take action upon our habits, the understanding of what we put into our bodies and how we respond to the energy it provides us in helping us show up more powerfully in every element of our lives, whether it be work, relationships, fitness, self care you you name it, we need to create even energy and connection to each point of our lives to really find value within each moment, rather than seeing each segment as separate! Let’s kick start your first step towards total body nourishment.

As a mindset and confidence coach, I guide my clients to completely transform every area of their life, from mindset, health, career, relationships, body image, getting them to exactly where they want to be. Unleashing their most confident, fulfilled and powerful self into every area of their life! This all comes down to personal awareness and perception of our life. Body Image and Nourishment is a key determinant the pops up frequently in my sessions. For a time in the existence of human life, where we are the most connected (technically, i-phones, social media etc) we are the most disconnected to ourselves we have ever been! Comparison is on the rise, anxiety around the perfection mindset is unrealistic based on these severe dieting fads, which create, auto enhanced bodies that show a very touched up image of a beautiful human that has very good genes or has had a few touch ups of photo shop (which is fine if you do this) how ever we must remember this is the smallest percentage of what goes on within this persons day to day life. Without us knowing, these images impact a sense of control within us that make us question “Why” we aren’t this way also? Leading to extreme dieting, consuming products that cut out all essential nutrients that our body actually needs to thrive, creating a derivative not so nourishing way of managing the acceptance of our bodies and testing our habits as “not enough”, which leads to the spiral of extremism to achieve modern day “perfection”.. what ever perfection is..!

One task I always provide my clients to do is to see themselves as “form”. Essentially I’d like you to close your eyes, you are simply with yourself, there is no pressure or expectations being placed on your body, on the way you eat, there is no such thing as comparison, but you are just you in your body without judgement on how you fuel it, how you move it, you are just YOU in this moment. This may seem a little far fetched, but we rarely allow ourselves to slow and just be with ourselves without the judgement factor, take away the pressure and the judgement around who we are and our view within ourselves becomes a lot more raw and clear! I talk a lot about a depriving and thriving mindset and that is something you can ask yourself as well.. Do I give back to my body with goodness? Or do I deprive it with judgement and severe measures to loose weight? The more we allow ourselves to simply self investigate, again without judgment but curiosity we create space for safe exploration. I truly believe self awareness is the most important tool and commitment you can gift yourself, to simply breathe, create space between yourself and your challenge, to observe, reflect and create opportunities over problems to step up and make the changes you need in your life, in what ever factor that looks like for you!

It still stuns me to see celebrities in the media, as well as products that are able to be purchased by any age to “Loose weight fast” or “Sedate those hunger cravings” in most local stores. We can not blame this disconnect to our bodies on ourselves, we are being exposed and influenced to create a mindset that chases perfection rather than nourishing acceptance for our daily choices! But not to worry, just as I said at the beginning we are relearning a new way to “Diet” to eat purely and wholesomely! The holistic way of living is charging it’s way around the world, tapping it’s way into hospitals and most westerners daily ritual, as much as health is a positive fad at the moment, it’s creating a wave for younger generations to have access to new ways to stay fit, healthy and nourished without having to go to extremes to “loose weight” but live their lives without pressure and access a deeper level or acceptance by understanding what they fill their lives with, combined with a level or educated responsibility that their health is in their own hands.

As I say to my clients what is it beyond the scales that makes you feel good? What work can you actually do to nourish? Where can you begin to move your body a little kinder without pressure? What can you do to make some healthy swaps in your eating choices? Are you spending time out socially? Let’s bring a little nourishment into your work place? As I said before nourishment is around the way you feel within your choices that make you feel whole, when we know we are choosing ingredients that are pure, nutritionally beneficial and is a method on non deprivation we feel connected and supported by our habits and this is what we want to focus on? This is where we go beyond the number. If currently you are basing your “health” on that number on your clothes or on the scale, that number doesn’t encompass what’s going on internally it is a bi-product not the essential factor that determines if you are healthy or not. What would you base your health on if that number on the scales or on your clothes didn’t exist? Come back to how you feel, the energy you have, your water consumption, how many colour veggies you are adding to your diet, the way you move your body with kindness.. this is what we want to focus on!

So let’s unlock your information:
Where you are presently depriving in your life where can you choose to nourish? If weight is an issue for you and you have gone to extremes buying products that..

  1. Taste horrid
  2. Make you starve yourself
  3. Are filled with shocking processed ingredients

Know there are products out there that you have access to, to gain the nutrition you need, if you aren’t able to create your meals yourself or are unsure on where to start on your journey back to nourishment!

The term “meal replacement” is something that I have re adapted to a “meal enhancer”. I am very selective with brands or products that I collaborate with and love spreading the words of products that are created to do good in the world around them and that are actually focused on the result for their people rather than health as a $. Essentially we want to look at products that provide essential additional ingredients that support your eating habits with nourishing nutrition, without counting calories but switching your mindset to count wholesome nutrients. This is where we also switch our perception around our choices from depriving to thriving, creating more limitless over limited ways of looking at health, by taking control of it yourself, supported by the best ingredients possible to create the most thriving version of yourself!

I’ve recently tested out the new Eimele products, an all organic, ethically sourced, plant based “meal enhancer”. They are wanting to change the negative stigma associated with “weight loss”, aiming to provide a product for their customers to have a positive experience with their weight, guiding them with nutritional experts to take control of their health from the inside out in the most nutritionally sound way. Using a combination of all organic high fibre & protein, great tasting ingredients with low calorie foods, that make any weight management journey a safe, positively supported and a ethically sound process, obtaining optimal nutrition in every bite to provide their consumers to feel full of energy and truly alive.

I’ve included a recipe below with one of their meal supplement products, I’ve simply adapted this to my morning smoothie and honestly it tastes great! I rarely consume products out of a packet, but this was great for me on the go, the taste of the ingredients were super natural and truly was able to obtain the energy that they promised in their proposal, so it’s a big  yes from me!

To end this post remember..  that the number on the scales will never define who you are, it doesn’t calculate nourishment, it doesn’t determine your belief about yourself, it is the smallest percent of who you are! You access true nourishment within your belief, intention and actions around your habits that you do for yourself. Remember to enter any act that you do for yourself with trust that you are doing the work to replenish, love and respect your body by fuelling it with kindness and goodness from within! If you’re unsure on where to start and you’re wanting to make change please get in touch with me below and I can guide you in taking your first step towards the direction of whole body nourishment!

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