Learning to recognise unhealthy habits

Do you often find yourself unconsciously opening the fridge and staring at its contents when you’re bored?

Or maybe you reach for a glass of wine or bag of lollies every time you’re stressed? Or perhaps you might drink too much coffee and stay up binge-watching Netflix when you’re tired, whatever the vice if you’re finding yourself doing these, you may be falling into a pattern of unhealthy habits.

So, first things first, the key is learning to recognise these habits and why they might be detrimental to your health.

But once you’ve figured out your vice, it’s not as simple as affirmations and telling yourself ‘don’t do it’, you need to be compassionate with yourself and understand the root cause of your behaviour.

First make a list of things you want to change. It might be ‘I want to stop eating lollies every time I get stressed’ or ‘Not drink too much coffee when I feel tired and stressed’, the key thing is you identifying what you want to change.

Next thing you need to look at is your motivation behind the habit. For example, you might eat lollies to feel less stressed or drink coffee to feel more awake, but once you understand your motivation, the next step is to consider how to switch it up for a healthier alternative.

For example, when you feel stressed instead of reaching for the lollies try a different tactic. Go for a walk in the fresh air, have a cup of calming camomile tea or do some meditation or yoga.

Being aware of your actions and consciously choosing a healthier alternative will give you the chance to ride yourself of the bad habit long term.

What’s more, you’re likely to reap the rewards almost instantly and instead of feeling the sugar crash after reaching for the bag of lollies, you’ll feel less stressed by doing some exercise, mediation or drinking a calming herbal tea.

This in turn will rewire your thinking and you’ll be less inclined to mindlessly repeat your unhealthy habit.

Your health will improve as a consequence and not only will you feel better, but you’ll physically start to see the results of choosing your healthy option.

Your skin will glow, your hair will be glossier and you will shed kilos from lowering your consumption of sugar or junk food.

The key is to learn to recognise the unhealthy habit, be honest with yourself and replace with healthy alternatives.

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