Must-have plant-based pantry staples to have at hand

Must-have plant-based pantry staples to have at hand

The key to going plant-based is to have nourishing and tasty ingredients at hand so you can quickly whip up a nutrient-dense meal when you’re busy or on the go.

Here’s our top ten at-hand must-haves to stock in the pantry so you can always be organised after a long day at work.


Apart from having plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, bananas are an excellent ingredient to have at hand.

If you’re craving ice cream, you can freeze and make up dairy free nice cream with chocolate or peanut butter for a delectable desert.

You can also use bananas to substitute eggs in cakes and cookies. They’re also a great nutrient dense snack to have on the go as they’re packed with potassium, calcium and fibre.


These nutrient dense nuts are the perfect plant-based ingredient that can be used to make milk, cheese, and even mayo. They’re packed full of iron and slightly lower in fat than other nuts. Blended to make vegan cheese, they have a lovely creamy flavour and texture.


Rich in protein, fibre and minerals, this chickpea dip is the perfect snack to have on hand. Spread on bread, dollop on salads or simply serve with veggie sticks, hummus is a wonderful plant-based staple to add to the pantry that will give you the protein hit you need.

You can also blend in other veggies such as beetroot, roasted carrot and eggplant to give it an extra kick and nutritional hit.


Packed with eight essential amino acids, iron, calcium, selenium, and magnesium, tofu is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can made into anything from vegan scramble eggs, chocolate mousse to burgers, taco mince and stir fries. It’s great to have on hand so you can have a nutritious and protein rich meal which is easy to cook.


Tahini is made from sesame and is an incredibly nutrient dense paste which you can add to dressings, dips, drizzle on oatmeal add to deserts and more. It’s rich in protein, vitamin E, and B vitamins, so is the perfect staple to add to your plant-based pantry.

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