The 5 Best Snack Foods To Fuel Your Travels

Eating well is a crucial part of living an overall healthy lifestyle not only when we’re home, but when we’re on the road. Yet travelling is stressful and when we feel short on time, eating healthy is often the last priority. Instead, we can resort to eating whatever is immediately available to us regardless of nutrition or how those foods make us feel.

As a result, we’ve accepted that air travel will leave us feeling fatigued and suffering from headaches, water retention, and bloating. But we can confidently say that it doesn’t need to be that way. In fact, it’s possible to step off a plane feeling balanced, energised, and prepared to handle any stressful situations that do arise. All it takes is a little planning and foresight!

Next time you find yourself at an airport about to set off on an exciting adventure, try snacking on these nourishing and nutrient dense whole foods so you can put your best foot forward no matter where your journey takes you.

1- Eimele’s Cacao and Coconut Snack Bar

Eimele’s snack bars are perfect for snacking on the go. The Cacao and Coconut bar is not only high in antioxidants, magnesium, and protein but satisfies any sweet cravings you might have. The best part? No prep is needed with this snack. Just throw some in your bag before heading out the door.

2- Chia Pudding

Prepare a delicious chia seed pudding the night before your flight for an easily digestible yet filling snack on the go. High in calcium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fibre, chia seed pudding is an excellent snack while travelling.

My Tip: Pack extra dry chia seeds in your bag to add to your water bottle during your flight. Chia seeds absorb about 10-12 times their weight in water and the gel-like drink will help keep you full while also helping you stay hydrated in an extremely dehydrating environment.

3- Mixed Nuts

Small portions of mixed nuts are an incredibly easy snack to bring along in your carry-on bag. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, macadamias, brazil nuts, and pecans are nutrition powerhouses that will keep you satisfied and energised whilst travelling.

My Tip: Choose nuts that are unsalted to avoid water retention. If possible, choose activated nuts as activation- a process of soaking nuts in water and dehydrating them- increases their nutrient value. Activation also makes nuts easier to digest, which is key during air travel as digestion can be weaker at 39,000 feet in the air.

4- Eimele’s Mixed Wild Berry Porridge

When in need of something more substantial, Eimele’s Mixed Wild Berry Porridge is an excellent meal during travel. The wholesome and nutritious porridge is high in antioxidants and fibre making it a perfect replacement for in-flight meals – which are typically packed with extra sugar and salt for flavour as our taste buds become less sensitive in the recycled and pressurised cabin air. Simply ask for hot water and stir to prepare.

5- Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, oranges, and bananas are easy to throw in your bag before heading to the airport. Not only are they packed with essential nutrients like potassium, fibre, Vitamin C, and folate but the natural sugars will satisfy any cravings for sweets.And even if you forget to plan ahead, you can almost always find some fresh fruit in the terminal before you board.


Featured Image Source: Asgar Gullukhan

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