Tips For Starting a Plant-Based Diet

Tips For Starting a Plant-Based Diet

Are you motivated and ready to transition to a plant-based diet, but not sure where to begin? The Gut Health MD, “Dr. B”, shares his knowledge on how to support your health with a plant-focused diet including practical tips to get your journey started.

Tip #1 – Start With What You Love

Whether you love Mexican food, Thai food or Japanese food – identify what you love and begin there. Choose a plant-based option from one of your favourite cuisines, one that your taste buds are used to.

Tip #2 – Keep It Simple

Start with simple meals, wholefood ingredients that do not take long to prepare. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when transitioning to a plant-based diet – this is where Eimele can help, taking the guesswork out so each meal is easy to enjoy with the assurance you are consuming wholefoods with complete nutrition.

Tip #3 – Emphasise Plant Diversity

Plant-based diversity is key for optimal gut health. Don’t overcomplicate it, keep diversity in mind when creating your healthy meal and remember if you can add just one or two more plants to your meal – go for it, your gut will thank you!

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