Jacqueline Alwill



Jacqueline Alwill is an Accredited Nutritionist (ATMS 27046), mother, presenter, author (Murdoch 2016) and founder of digital health platform, Brown Paper Nutrition. She believes that living optimally is about finding balance physically, emotionally and mentally, learning to love the skin you’re in and nourishing your body so it can thrive.


As a highly sought-after leading Australian nutritionist, an accomplished public speaker and an engaging nutrition and cooking presenter, Jacqueline is truly well-rounded. Jacqueline has an active business schedule writing health articles in the media, presenting on television and consulting with brands and corporations who seek knowledge and support to improve their community’s health and wellbeing.


Jacqueline builds a genuine connection with people as she guides them on their journey to good health. She advocates for a diverse natural diet with nourishing food and helps her clients see health as a way to be creative, learn and grow. Jacqueline truly believes that “once you experience good health there is no looking back”. Outside her work you’ll find Jacqueline on the beach, in the surf or travelling the world with her son Jet.


Bringing a plethora of knowledge and experience to Eimele, Jacqueline is sincerely dedicated to improving the health, wellbeing and happiness of all individuals. She provides people with the foundations and education in nutrition, health and wellbeing that makes them feel empowered to start and continue their own journey to optimal health.


“I was eager to jump on board with Eimele as I genuinely believe their delicious whole food approach, free from artificial additives and enriched with quality nutrition is what makes it stand out. Eimele’s products are high in protein, fibre and contain essential vitamins and minerals to support people’s health. A good diet with nourishing food does not have to be complex but instead can be simple, satisfying and delicious, and our mission with Eimele is to give people the tools, community and support to achieve it.”