Eimele Philosophy

Weight loss has developed a bad reputation thanks to restrictive fad diets that simply don’t work. And even when you think you’ve found a plan that works, in the long run, you end up trapped in an unsustainable and unbalanced diet that cuts out - or relies too heavily on - certain food groups.
Eimele - pronounced "A-MEAL" - is different. We founded Eimele on the core philosophy that weight loss should never come at the expense of proper nutrition or overall health. We understand how personal the journey to weight wellness is, which is why we set out to create a personalised, holistic program that empowers you with the knowledge and tools to take charge of your physical, mental, and emotional health.
Eimele provides real food solutions carefully designed to promote weight loss whilst providing the vital nutrients the body needs to thrive so that everyone can achieve the body and health, they desire in a way that is not only sustainable but enjoyable!
We teach your body to function properly by nourishing it with a wholefoods diet rich in fibre, plant protein and healthy fats. Our ingredients are all natural and free from refined sugars. As a result, you’ll feel satiated, have reduced cravings, experience faster metabolism and your palate will shift to naturally prefer low-calorie foods. Eimele optimises the body for weight loss. Improved gut health, endless energy, overall health and wellbeing as well as reduced health risks are just amazing side-effects.
However, we also know that the journey to weight wellness is about more than just the food that we eat. So, we assembled an expert panel of Doctors, Nutritionists, and Wellness Advocates to provide support, advice, recipes, and expert tips to guide you on your personalised journey. We also encourage you to connect with the Eimele online community for inspiration and motivation from others also learning to properly care and nourish their bodies with Eimele. 
Simon Hill, our formulator, is a passionate health advocate who is dedicated to teaching the Eimele community how to live full and energetic lives by eating a diet as close to nature as intended.
Jacqueline Alwill, our Nutritionist, ensures that the Eimele community receives complete nutrition at every meal. Jacqueline reinvents what it means to ‘diet’ by creating nourishing meals that are both diverse and delicious.

Dr. Will Bulsiewicz - or “Dr. B”- is a gastroenterologist and internationally renowned gut health expert with 16 years of medical training. Dr. B guides the Eimele community with lifestyle and nutrition changes that are scientifically proven to prevent disease so you can live a long and healthy life.

We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best, which is why we’ve created a simple and effective program that takes the guesswork out of weight loss. It’s not just about what you lose, but the vibrant life you’ll gain. So, if you’re ready for a happier, healthier you, we’ve got the tools to get you there!