Eimele Philosophy

Eimele - pronounced "A-MEAL" - is an Australian natural sustainable weight management company that encompasses a holistic approach to health by providing real food solutionand educational content to help individuals achieve the body and health they desire - now and in the future.
Curated by an expert team of Doctor’s, Nutritionists and Wellness Advocates, the Eimele product range is proudly made in Australia and has been designed to promote weight loss whilst nourishing the body with the vital nutrition required to thrive.
Beyond the product range itself, Eimele understands how important it is to empower individuals with the knowledge to take control of their health which is why the expert team will provide recipes, advice and expert tips to help guide individuals through their personalised weight loss journey.
Along with expert advice, Eimele offers responsible programs to follow for rapid or moderate weight loss as well as an ongoing weight management program and tools that help individuals track and meet their weight loss goals.

Eimele’s aim is to remove the negative stigma associated with ‘weight loss, instead making their customer’s journey to weight wellness a positive experience.
Eimele encourages their customers to connect with the Eimele online community as together they can motivate and inspire each other through their entire personal health journeyAbove all, Eimele is focused on their customers looking and feeling fantastic from the inside out.