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Monday, October 05

By Tony Miller


A predominantly or entirely plant-rich diet has consistently been linked to better health outcomes with lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and early death. Importantly, this eating pattern is also implicated in a much-reduced strain on our planet’s limited resources at a time in which our earth’s climate is under considerable stress.

However, although plant-based diets are significantly healthier, both medically and environmentally than the average omnivore diet, those who choose to consume predominantly plant foods may be more susceptible to certain types of nutritional deficiencies. For this reason, our Essential 8 has been developed to ensure that you can keep enjoying the physical, ethical and planetary health benefits of a plant-rich diet—minus the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. 

eimele’s Essential 8 is formulated with the essential nutrients that are harder to come by in plant-rich diets

8 essential nutrients to enhance your plant-rich diet

Omega 3's


Vitamin B12


Vitamin D3




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Essential 8 is different

There are so many vegan multivitamins on the market that make strong claims, however, many contain fillers, lack purity, and the dosages are often too low to have the efficacy they claim.

Many multivitamins seek to appeal to a large sample of people, and include any and all possible vitamins rather than including a targeted few essential nutrients. Essential 8 is a targeted multivitamin. We believe in providing fewer but more impactful nutrients that are shown to be deficient not just in plant-based or plant-rich diets, but in the wider population.

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The non-negotiables for targeted multivitamins


Be cautious about supplement ingredients, as many contain additives, fillers, and sugars for cost-saving and shelf-life extension.


Multivitamins often lack adequate essential vitamins and fail to meet Recommended Daily Intake requirements for optimal health.


Choose targeted multivitamins with essential nutrients for your specific diet.


Pay attention to ingredient sources, as natural sources like plant-based Vitamin D3 and algae-sourced EPA/DHA are preferable.


Prioritise TGA-listed supplements like eimele’s Essential 8 to ensure quality and efficacy, as many supplements lack testing and regulation.

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Benefits you can feel

Immunity Support

Bone & Dental Health

Healthy Heart & Brain Function

Energy Production

Endorsed by eimele’s advisory board

Dr Gemma Newman

Chief Medical Doctor

Medical doctor and Senior Partner specializing in General Practice.

Drew Harrisberg

Brand Ambassador

Qualified Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist, and Diabetes Educator who is passionate about health and wellness.

Dr Julie Chen

Chief Formulator

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. Treating patients using natural solutions for 20 years.

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For a limited time, you can save up to 15% when you subscribe.


Essential 8 is listed in the ARTG, AUST L (380593)

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